TPL stands for Third Party Logistics and it was created as a spin off from Telematica in 2017 based in Patras. TPL team has been on the front lines of e-commerce since 2006, helping retailers and brands connect with customers, optimize operations and sell internationally via multiple online sales channels like eBay, Amazon and various e-commerce solutions.

With more than a decade of experience operating e-shop’s in the biggest EU countries, marketplace presence in eBay and Amazon and strong digital marketing knowhow. TPL has gone one step further creating a 3PL service to deliver products internationally hassle free for the vendor via our flexible, cloud-based platform within 2days Europewide. At the moment numerous US and EU vendors joined our platform and trusted us to distribute their products online in Europe, with an estimate to serve more than 5000 orders annually with 85% of our annual turnover in exports to more than 70 countries.

Our platform is a turnkey solution for vendors that want to expand internationally. Offering B2B gateway to the European market and a 3PL service to deliver the products to the end consumer. The most impressive case study is DNA Filters a Greek company that joined our platform to sell not only in Europe but Worldwide and have seen rapid increase on sales changing their production model to JIT to support demand.

At the moment we have physical presence in Patras, Greece and London, UK with a team of six pensionable engineers but we hope to set foot in the United States within 2019 and expand our operations overseas. Our goal is to offer vendors the possibility to expand beyond the EU borders to US with physical warehouse delivering their products.

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